TongFang Co., LTD, the parent company of Tongfang Global, Ltd., is a progressive, international company focusing on the development and manufacturing of different areas of TongFang Global such as, Consumer Electronics, Information Appliances, Multimedia Terminals and Educational Electronics. Continual investment has resulted in substantial growth with the help of the large-scale production line, highly innovative R&D and a Sales and Service network across the globe. In recent years the research and investment in Flat Panel TV has made the company a powerful presence in the world’s TV Industry.

About Research & Development

TongFang Global takes technology and innovation as the core of its enterprise. It created a fully equipped R&D team for digital TV products, introduced an international, advanced R&D technology system and full testing equipment. By utilizing the R&D facilities and working jointly with some key partners, Tong Fang has successfully developed a high-definition all-in-one digital TV solution, UHD TV, Miracast TV, ultra-slim LCD TV, internet “smart” TV, energy-saving TV, super large-screen LCD TV and many other TV products with various specifications and technical levels.


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