SADES and Bongiovi Acoustics partner to develop pro-grade Gaming Headsets Jul 1, 2017

SADES and Bongiovi Acoustics partner to develop pro-grade Gaming Headsets with vastly Superior Audio Quality and Innovative Features that transform the Video Game experience

SADES Digital Technology Co. Ltd., a leader in the gaming headset industry and Bongiovi Acoustics, a global audio technology company, announced today that they have entered into a joint partnership to develop audio products featuring Bongiovi’s patented Digital Power Station (DPS) Technology. Gamers will now enjoy real-time audio enhancement with greater depth, power and dimension for a truly immersive experience.

SADES flagship gaming headsets, already the standard of excellence in design and performance in over 20 countries, will now utilize DPS technology to deliver “next-level” impact sound gamers crave. The SADES Knight Pro will feature DPS profiles, custom engineered to optimize gaming applications for both single, and multi-player settings.

“SADES is leading the gaming headset industry with the most advanced platform for multiplayer and single player headsets. The initial product, the Knight Pro, is the first gaming headset in the world to feature Bongiovi DPS technology. We have a proven and long standing history of developing innovative products for the gaming headset market. We believe expanding and enhancing our products with Bongiovi Acoustics DPS technology will be a game-changer,” said SADES Sales Director, Dame Deng.

“Bongiovi Acoustics has the most comprehensively integrated audio solutions available and the integration into the SADES portfolio of products provides an entirely new experience for gamers,” said Tony Bongiovi, founder and a Managing Director of Bongiovi Acoustics. “We are excited to be working together with SADES to provide a superior audio experience to both professional and recreational gamers.”

SADES, the choice of today’s new generation of global of HD gamers at events such as the E-sports World Convention, now boasts about 10 million worldwide users including professionals such as: OMG, HKE and Longzhu Gaming Clan of League of Legends.

SADES gaming headsets with DPS will be available in more than 20 countries, date August 01st, 2017 and will be featured in upcoming live tournaments: the SADES sponsor team of Longzhu Gaming and Last Man Standing (LMS) competitions.
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