Bongiovi Acoustics DPS brings studio quality sound to another “Hostile Acoustic Environment”.

Imagine speeding in a marine craft, open-air, with continuously changing conditions. Heavy wind, grinding engines and water turbulence all serve to create a dense, cacophonous environment. Listening and communicating with clarity is a massive challenge.

Options for speaker systems and placement are limited in most crafts. Speakers are typically mounted in large hollow fiberglass cavities with no acoustic treatment. Positioning is not optimal as they are typically located down low behind seating positions. Sound quality suffers further from the application of salt-water / corrosion proofing to protect the speakers.

Digital Power Station – DPS – is the ultimate solution for superior sound in marine applications

DPS processing provides maximum clarity in high noise settings. Audio signals can be tuned for the specific type of noise and will adjust in real-time as conditions change – different wake modes, different speeds, etc. Speakers mounted in large, hollow, fiberglass cavities with no acoustic treatment, set down-low behind seating positions, pose another serious challenge. DPS solves that problem as well with it’s ability to deliver highly directional, focused sound without having to replace or upgrade the hardware. Whether it’s a luxury craft or a high-tech speed boat, DPS technology delivers crystal clear sound with more power, richness and definition, resulting in a superior listening experience.

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