Introducing Zeppy – Not Only Sound Body, but a Real Sound-Buddy Jun 19, 2017

This summer make music a constant companion — Zeppy is much more than a portable Bluetooth speaker.

Experience music anywhere, even in water!

PORT SAINT LUCIE, FL (PRWEB) JUNE 22, 2017 – Zeppy goes beyond expectations! Most speakers lose significant sound quality when submerged in water but Zeppy’s flat panel membrane delivers full-bodied stereo sound with no distortion. Zeppy’s unique design and housing material transmits vibrations through the water allowing the user to literally feel the music!

“The sound of Zeppy is much more than you would expect from a portable speaker, but “how” you experience sound is extraordinary,” says founder Rafael Kubisz. Working with Bongiovi Acoustics’ engineers, six specific sound profiles were created utilizing the patented Digital Power Station™ technology, which optimizes sound in real time.

Music: Enhanced sound delivers a richer, more immersive listening experience.
Massage: Place Zeppy on the body. Relax and enjoy the “sound” massage.
Movie: Transform the smallest screen to a home cinema.
Voice: Enjoy crystal clear voice narration in podcasts and audiobooks.
Sound Cloud: Be surrounded by a sound cloud without losing contact with the listening environment.
Low energy: Enjoy music for hours and hours with the energy saving mode on.

Tap into a buddy’s music! Pair up to eight Zeppys wirelessly. Simply synchronize Zeppy by placing one on top of the other. Easily build a multi-room solution without complex installation.

Zeppy was designed and engineered with a completely new approach in design and materials, resulting in seven submitted patents. ARPRO, the material used for Zeppy’s housing consists of 96% air making Zeppy extremely lightweight – Zeppy can float! Though lightweight, ARPRO is very robust in performance and durability. Used in the automotive industry to improve vehicle safety, it withstands multiple impacts without damage.

Zeppy will be introduced on June, 28th on Indiegogo with a limited starting price of 79€. That is 60% off of the suggested retail price. 

About Zeppy
Zeppy’s team works with excitement on creating new audio products in combination with new materials. The idea was born in Vienna, Austria by Rafael Kubisz: music lover, inventor of the first solar speaker and red dot design award winner. Together with designer Johannes Scherr and partners in Germany, Hong Kong and Florida, Zeppy was born.

For additional information about Zeppy please visit their Indiegogo campaign starting June 28th at 

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