Turn any car into a customized, personal listening room with recording studio quality audio – thanks to groundbreaking Bongiovi Acoustics Digital Power Station (DPS) technology.

Hyundai and Bongiovi Acoustics have teamed up to provide premium quality audio to the automotive consumer utilizing revolutionary DPS software. Hyundai launched DPS outfitted vehicles in the US and Canada in 2013 and will accelerate the launch throughout 2014, including factory/port-installation programs for the 2014 Veloster and Elantra.  In 2013 models, the DPS Module can be dealer installed.

 Bongiovi DPS provides premium-quality sound without the need to upgrade audio components, increase weight or change cabin configuration. DPS audio processing technology re-assembles program material in real time to optimize playback using existing auto hardware, with immediately noticeable improvement.

 Sound Science For Your Car

Bongiovi Acoustics engineers analyzed the characteristics and anomalies of each Hyundai vehicle. Employing a 120-point calibration system, customized listening profiles were created for each model. DPS technology was then integrated into the existing audio system to provide real time compensation for any inherent volume differences that may exist between audio sources or program material. The result is more efficient, optimized performance.  Greater depth, increased power and brilliant clarity; that’s the DPS difference delivered only by Bongiovi Acoustics.