DRA-DPS Digital Audio Research Institute

DRA-DPS Digital Audio Research Institute is unveiled in our district, creating the new chapter for the industry of “Cloud acoustics”

Issuing date: September 01, 2014

On August 27, Guangzhou DRA-DPS Digital Audio Research Institute was established officially in GGEC Park of our district. Meanwhile, the opening ceremony of Guangzhou Tian Yun Yun Yin Industry Co., Ltd. was also held at the same time.

Tian Yun Yun Yin Co., Ltd., is the first project of DRA industrial alliance settling in our district and also stands for a good start of strategic cooperation between the government of Huadu District and the top R&D enterprises of digital audio & high-end intelligent acoustics. The official establishment of DRA-DPS Digital Audio Research Institute has greatly strengthened the confidence of creativity ability of Huadu in the acoustics industry and will lead Huadu’s acoustics industry usher in a new era of innovative development.

It is known that Tian Yun Yun Yin Co., Ltd. is an innovative technology company specializing in high-end intelligent cloud acoustics. This Company is devoted to creating the “All in One” cloud acoustics ecosystem which integrates hardware, software, content and platform, in such an age of Internet. As the group of technological innovation, DRA-DPS Digital Audio Research Institute collaborated with Guangsheng National Laboratory and American Top Sound Studio to provide the continuous support for technological innovation and effectively promote the core competitiveness of acoustical products. The settlement of new and high-tech enterprises will probe new development direction for the transformation of acoustics industry.