An Introduction to Digital Power Station™ (DPS) Technology – The Ultimate Audio Solution

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Advanced acoustic technology created by audio engineers with a passion for great sound

Bongiovi Digital Power Station™ (DPS) is the ultimate audio processing solution.

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Bongiovi DPS

Bongiovi DPS is a patented algorithm that optimizes audio in real time.

DPS Profiles are created and implemented for ultimate audio flexibility in any sound scenario.

At the heart of DPS is our profile system. A DPS profile contains over 120 calibration points that configures the patented DPS algorithm. Each profile is carefully crafted by Bongiovi acoustic engineers. These profiles are used to optimize the audio signal in real-time; for the output device (speakers), environment (high noise), and to emphasize a “sound” or other desired effects .

Simple DPS Signal Flow

Below are a few examples of how Bongiovi DPS can work for you:

Upgrade the performance of headphones and earbuds – Bongiovi Acoustics audio engineers have created custom profiles for many popular headphones and earbuds. These profiles correct for any audio deficiencies and provide an overall improvement in sound quality.

Improve the sound of small speaker systems – Portable speakers, clock radios, laptops, tablets and mobile phones all sacrifice audio quality for portability. Bongiovi DPS excels at creating an optimized audio signal for small speakers. This means louder overall output, clarity for soft recordings, better bass response and enhanced stereo imaging.

Maximize the sound of large speaker systems – Home theater, car audio, PA systems and more. Bongiovi DPS will significantly improve the audio quality of these systems.

Improve the sound of TVs or multimedia displays – Movies can have very loud or very soft passages. Bongiovi DPS can normalize the volume (DRC) of all multimedia content in a way that sounds natural and brings out details normally only heard in a movie theater.

Automatic sound mixing/mastering – Some applications, like Karaoke, require blending several sounds together in real time. Even a professional sound engineer can experience less than desirable results mixing audio on an app. Bongiovi DPS Technology can automatically help blend music, voice and other sounds with the press of a single button.

Recondition the sound of internet audio streams – Real time internet audio can have inconsistent volume, content quality and frequency response issues. The active components of Bongiovi DPS Technology can easily provide a consistent, quality listening experience for any audio stream.

Increase clarity in high noise environments – If your audio needs to be heard in a crowded or noisy environment, then DPS is your solution. DPS Technology was originally invented to provide high quality audio in the noisy environment of small private airplanes.

DPS will vastly improve any audio application you can think of.

Click here to experience an example of how DPS Profiles apply to the devices you use every day.

DPS works by creating an audio signal that is dynamically optimized for the desired application.

An optimized audio signal is easier to hear, easier for an amplifier to reproduce and results in a better overall listening experience.

The audio waveform below is for the song “New York, New York” featuring Tony Bennett and Frank Sinatra:

Notice the lighter blue core of the waveform surrounded by darker blue peaks. The light blue represents the average power of the audio and includes much of the information we perceive as loudness. The darker blue peaks can be much greater than the average power at any given moment. An amplifier and speakers must work very hard to reproduce all of this information exactly as delivered.

The Bongiovi Digital Power Station™ Real Time Audio Re-Mastering™ process reacts instantly to the incoming audio signal. This patented algorithm understands that human ears pay the most attention to sounds to which they are most sensitive. No matter what the original content of the audio is, Bongiovi DPS will optimize the signal so that important sounds stay at a consistent volume without losing their emotional impact or causing unwanted artifacts.

Here is New York, New York processed by Bongiovi DPS:

Notice how the lighter blue is extremely consistent while the dark blue (still vibrant and active) is more controlled. It is easier for speakers or headphones to reproduce and it is easier for us to listen to. Even though this waveform appears quieter, the customer will perceive both examples to be the same volume. All of that space around the waveform is headroom that can be used to make a device or recording louder in a noisy environment.

Bongiovi DPS can be implemented in both hardware and software based platforms.


Realtek Semiconductor

● The Realtek ALC5677 is a 2 channel stereo DSP chip with 3 channel output for 2.1 systems. Ideal for small speaker systems and noise canceling headphones.

● Realtek’s ALC5679 is a 5 channel DSP chip with 5 channel output for 4.1 systems. Ideal for small speaker systems and noise canceling headphones.

Sunplus Technology

● The Sunplus SPHE8xxxx chip is custom configured to customers the need with2 channels audio input and 6 channels of audio output. Ideal for automotive infotainment systems.

● Sunplus’ SPHE8107 Chips are also custom configured to customers need with 2 channel DSP. Ideal for soundbars, boom boxes and Karaoke systems

Texas Instruments Jacinto J6 chip

The TI Jacinto J6 has 2 channels of audio input and 6+ channels of audio output. Ideal for automotive infotainment systems. Includes graphics capability for display and video output and is the complete automotive infotainment solution.

MStar Semiconductor

● The MStar 6308 has 2 channel input and 3 channel output. An Ideal low cost TV solution.

● The 6488 has 2 channel input and 3 channel output. The Ideal smart TV solution.

ON Semiconductor LC75056 DSP chip

The ON Semiconductor LC75056 is designed as an automotive-grade audio DSP that also has applications in the Consumer Electronics sectors. Some features of this powerful SoC include volume, balance, fade, bass/treble, down-mixing and up to 6 channels of Bongiovi DPS. Tuning software is provided for creating custom DPS sound profiles for your applications.

Nuvoton NUC505

The Nuvoton NUC505 is an ARM Cortex M4 processor running Bongiovi DPS. I2S and analog i/o are available. Features include User Volume Control, Dynamic Stereo Enhancement, Bass/Treble, Noise Gate and more. Tuning software is provided for creating custom DPS sound profiles for your applications.

Analog Devices ADAU series DSP chips

DPS can be implemented in the Analog Devices Sigma series DSP chips. We have tested and are using the ADAU1761, ADAU1701, ADAU1401, ADAU1442 and the ADAU1452 products.

● The ADAU1761 is designed as a complete SoC for headphones and includes a microphone pre-amp circuit, ADC/DAC, headphone amplifier and approximately 80 MIPS of processing power. It is a 2-channel, low power chip that is ideal for battery powered devices.

● The ADAU1401 is similar to the ADAU1761. This chip is automotive grade and is best used in designs that require a hardened solution.

● The ADAU1442 is an automotive grade DSP with up to 24 audio channels. Ideal for car infotainment applications.

● The ADAU1452 is a professional product grade DSP with up to 48 channels. Ideal for multi-channel / multi-zone applications.

● The ADAU1701 is similar to the ADAU1761 but requires wall power. These DSPs have very small footprints and are best used in small designs. When coupled with a low cost MCU, they create a very minimal BOM ideal for low cost implementations.


Android and iOS SDK

App Integration – Bongiovi DPS is available as a Software Development Kit (SDK) for Android and iOS. Android and iOS developers can use this SDK to integrate DPS into their applications. Click here to visit the Bongiovi SDK website.

System Level Integration – The Android SDK can also be integrated at the system level (as a Global Audio Effect) into TVs, wireless speakers and even automobiles that have an Android-based processor that handles the audio stream of the device.

Linux SDK

● The Bongiovi SDK is available for Linux-based devices. Example code is available that demonstrates DPS as a GStreamer plugin. The SDK can also be implemented into a Linux application.

Windows and Apple Computers

Windows APO – Bongiovi DPS is available as an Audio Processing Object (APO) for Windows 7 and 8.x computers. This is the Microsoft-approved solution for OEM computer manufacturers.

Customized DPS Application – Bongiovi DPS can be integrated into unique applications for Windows and Mac by customization of the DPS Plug-in Software. This solution uses a virtual audio driver to capture system sound for processing by the DPS application. The DPS application can be modified to suit your specific needs.

DPS Code Integration – Bongiovi Acoustics can also assist your software developers with integrating DPS audio processing code into your software product.

Bongiovi DPS

DPS technology can be licensed for integration into 3rd party products. The licensing agreement is based on a number of factors. The goal of Bongiovi Acoustics licensing is to help you sell more products by providing outstanding audio at a very affordable price.

If you are interesting in licensing the DPS technology, please contact our Integration and Licensing team by clicking here.

Bongiovi DPS