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“Bongiovi DPS is a great music app for the iPad and iPhone”
— C|NET News

“I tried the iOS App and was rather impressed with the enhanced audio pumped out by my iPad Touch and my iPad.”
— Dan Cohen,

“It is easy to use, does what it says it will do, and makes listening to my music more enjoyable without any effort on my part. That’s my idea of a good deal.”
— Nancy Gravely,

“We love our music at MacWorld Australia HQ and we also love Bongiovi Acoustics’ Digital Power Station (DPS) plug-in for iTunes on the Mac…”
— Macworld Australia

“…the sound quality should be very good, since the system uses the Bongiovi Acoustic Digital Power Station for audio processing.”
— Max Mobely, Crawdaddy Magazine on iHome iP49 with Bongiovi Acoustics DPS technology

“Now there’s also an iOS version of thee software which, at the press of a button, dramatically improves the clarity and boosts the bass response of the music on your iPod, iPhone or iPad…”
— Macworld Australia

“I want the sound I can get when I listen to music, and the Bongiovi DPS App for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch makes that easy.”
— Nancy Gravely,

“The Audio Revolution Starts Here. …Only in a Toyota.”
— Toyota Canada Press Release

“Without any hardware, music becomes fuller. The bass becomes noticeably richer, while the highs are raised to levels that seem to compliment the increase in the low-end near-perfectly.”
— Charlie Minato, Managing Editor – The Mac Feed/The Audio Feed

“It’s as if an aural gauze has been lifted off your speakers and now everything sounds much clearer.”
— Bill Henderson, Review Editor for

“A bolt of lightening for MP3 music files.”
— Kevin Hunt, Chicago Tribune

“As the world’s first 100% digital audio processing system certified for automotive use, and offered as a genuine Toyota accessory, the Bongiovi Acoustics DPS produces premium sound quality at an unbeatable price.”
— Toyota Canada Press Release

“DPS can make music sound better. Particularly low-bit rate MP3 files over headphones, desktop speakers or in car audio applications.”
— Kevin Hunt, Chicago Tribune

“Once the setup is complete, your digital music files suddenly have more bass, cleaner mids and a brighter high end.”
— Bill Henderson, Review Editor for

“…it sounds too good to be true.”
— Al Gibes,

“Turn your Toyota into the best audio system you own – a personal listening room with recording studio-quality audio – thanks to groundbreaking Bongiovi Acoustics Digital Power Station (DPS) technology.”
— Toyota Canada Press Release

“…the sound quality should be very good, since the system uses the Bongiovi Acoustic Digital Power Station for audio processing.”
— Max Mobely, Crawdaddy Magazine on iHome iP49 with DPS Technology

“Bongiovi’s work speaks for itself…”
— Jeremy Horwitz, Editor in Chief, iLounge

“…adding the Bongiovi Acoustics Digital Power Station to your Toyota is like putting an expert audio technician inside your dashboard.”
— Warren Orton, Director at Toyota Canada, Inc.

“The Plug In has now ruined me for iTunes without it.”
— Lex Friedman,

“The Bongiovi Acoustics Digital Power Station is the latest example of how Toyota continues to deliver superior driving experiences to its customers…”
— Toyota Canada Press Release

“No matter what we listened to, we liked it better with the DPS Plug-In…”
— Charlie Minato, Managing Editor – The Mac Feed/The Audio Feed

“I must say; I was shocked. The sound quality of the DPS-processed audio from my iTunes was drastically improved.”
— Craig Williams, AKA: DJ Styles

“A friend of mine summed up his feelings about the Digital Power Station plug-in when I convinced him to buy it. He emailed me later and said, “I want to say that I love, love, love Bongiovi Acoustics! Everything sounds so much better! Thanks! I couldn’t have said it better myself.”
— Bill Henderson, Review Editor for

“Using the Digital Power Station, (the tested car stereo) scans and extends the frequency response and audio spectrum of various kinds of audio recordings …the system does a great job of maximizing the potential of stock factory speakers.”
“It is only after engaging the DPS that you realize how muffled and muddy the sound was in non-Bongiovi mode. Specifically, activation of the processor has the effect of swelling the sound into the center of the cabin and projecting audio up from the footwells where the front speakers are installed.”

iHome iP1 “…this one sure seems to hit most of the right marks, with it packing 100W of power, two four-inch woofers, two one-inch tweeters, and Bongiovi Acoustic’s proprietary Digital Power Station processor, which iHome says helps make this the most advanced speaker system they’ve ever developed.”

“The technology gets rave reviews…”
— Max Mobely, Crawdaddy Magazine on iHome iP49 with DPS Technology

“A great sounding computer audio system is just a few clicks away for about the cost of lunch for two.”
— Al Gibes,

“The Bongiovi Acoustics DPS will be available this fall for most current Toyota models and comes complete with Toyota’s warranty protection.”
— Toyota Canada Press Release

“This plug-in is going to make a world of difference in those situations when on the road, or away from the studio…”
— Craig Williams, AKA: DJ Styles

“[A] vast improvement in our notebook’s stock sound the mids never get muddy.”
— Charlie Minato, Managing Editor – The Mac Feed/The Audio Feed

“It’s like an equalizer on steroids!”
— Bill Henderson for

“This is a great plug-in for any iTunes user that truly appreciates music. From the professional to the average listener, the improvements in audio quality make the DSP iTunes plug-in a “sound” investment”
— Craig Williams, AKA: DJ Styles

“The miniprogram that brings music and movie sounds to life is the DPS Plug In.”
— Al Gibes,

“…the same revolutionary DPS technology that is available in Toyota vehicles can be experienced on your computer via free trial at”
— Toyota Canada Press Release

iProng Magazine’s Best of Show “In a private listening session at CES, the iHome iP1 blew us away”
“[…the “B button” on the iHome One…] automatically adjusts on the fly to make compressed music essentially sound like it was originally supposed to. If it sounds a bit geeky, what matters is that the One, which is expected to retail at $299, beats the crap out of any existing similarly priced dockable iPod/iPhone speaker systems on the market when it comes to sound quality. And we think the styling is uniquely cool as well.”
— iProng Magazine, issue #30

Playboy Magazine’s Scott Alexander & The Girl’s Next Door, Jo Garcia get to demo the DPS technology in the iHome iP1 and it made Playboy’s 10 Ten Best Pics For CES…
— iProng Magazine

“I saw this two years ago demoed for the press… Now it’s in a product which is always exciting and it looks awesome!”
— Scott Alexander, Senior Editor Playboy Magazine

Musicians and Entertainment Industry Professionals:

“Amazing! Sounded like we went into the studio and recorded it Today!”
— Mark Stein, Lead singer/Keyboardist for Vanilla Fudge

“The DPS Plug-in has become an absolute necessity for me every time I listen to music on my computer. It really brings out the clarity that I’ve never heard before through my internal speakers. I’ve even tried to adjust the volume and EQ to simulate the plug-in but it never comes close. The DPS Plug-in is convenient as well, since I don’t have to launch a separate application with iTunes. It has actually saved me money from having to buy a pair of monitors! I recommend this to anyone who wants to hear their favorite songs the way they were meant to be heard.”
— Russ Stacey, Musician from High Definition

“I tried it out on some of my songs and I showed it to my son, Scott, too. We played some of his band’s songs with it. He was dumbfounded. We were both saying ‘That’s the way those songs SHOULD sound. Huge.’ How can we get that sound on all our records?”
— GARY PIHL, guitarist for BOSTON

“I really love the way that the Bongiovi DPS plug-in accurately reproduces the full frequency and dynamic range of my tracks even at low volumes. The best thing about it is that what I hear back actually sounds like it did in the studio, no matter where I am listening. The Plug-In seems to retain the life and energy of my tracks, at any level and through wildly different playback systems… it’s voodoo magic!!”
— Steve Borne, Supervising Sound Editor, Nurse Jackie, Producer and Guitarist, Princess Katie & Racer Steve

“Before the DPS, getting sound quality this good would necessitate inordinate expenditures in raw speaker drivers, enclosures, and mechanical noise reduction. The DPS provides incredible acoustical performance by applying innovative digital signal processing techniques directly to the audio signal itself, addressing the problem at the source rather than requiring complicated mechanical and material correction downstream.”
— Dr. Glenn Zelniker, engineer, author and lecturer

“This technology makes small inexpensive speakers with standard and low powered units deliver sound quality that is unbelievable. This chip could be incorporated into anything from Cams to MP3 players.”
— Mark A. Levy. JVC America

“This is technology at its best. The DPS plug in is AMAZING! Not only does it do an incredible job enhancing my own music on iTunes but it also works great on my movies. This is definitely something I’ll enjoy in my home studio and on the road.”
— TOMMY DeCARLO, singer for BOSTON

“It’s incredible! It really is amazing!”
— Mark Stein- Lead Singer/Keyboardist of 70′s Rock Group, Vanilla Fudge

“Bongiovi acoustics DPS Plug-In is awesome. My songs are on iTunes and it’s great to be able to use a Plug-In that enhances the quality of my sound! I would highly recommend this to anyone who wants great sound at a reasonable price.”
A 12 year old music prodigy, singer and songwriter featured on Oprah’s Search For The World’s Smartest And Most Talented Kids and iCarly.
— Christopher McGinnis,

“I just installed the DPS Plug-in. This is f***in’ amazing, pardon my French. I did the A:B thing…not just a small difference – a huge boost in volume, tone. There’s no distortion so I know it’s just not a volume thing. And the interface is perfectly simple and works seamlessly with iTunes. I don’t think I’ll need headphones or extension speakers again.”
— Jeff Eyrich, Record Producer and Bassist

“I’ve had a chance to try the DPS Plug-in and it’s FANTASTIC! I couldn’t believe it could make songs that already sound good, sound even better…”
— GARY PIHL, guitarist for the band BOSTON

“DPS enables Johnson Controls to offer its global customers world-class technology while solving many of the key issues that confront auto makers today…”
“We consider the DPS technology a breakthrough that represents the future of car audio design. Our relationship with Bongiovi Acoustics allows us to integrate this technology into our interior systems.”
— Gale Mast Director of Business Development for Johnson Controls

DPS Plug-In Users:

“Absolutely mint…”
— Grubbly – Another Satisfied DPS Plug-In User

“I’ve been really enjoying my music the way I haven’t in years!”
— Jeanius Jay, DPS Plug-In User on Facebook

“Well I just checked out the DPS iTunes plug-in and DAAAAAMN my speaks just blew up on the quality meter.”
— TheJTizzle, member –

“Downloaded the plug in for my 6 year old powerbook g4 15″. The difference in sound quality is incredible. Congratulations on such a great product!! I am going to make sure everyone I know with a MAC downloads this plug in and changes the way they listen to music!”
— INDY MPA LCS 2, member – user forum

“I just got the DPS plug-in, and its freaking good!”
— triple7, member –

“..this program really did impress me more than I ever thought and for the shows and programs that were hard to hear at times, the sound now booms and with amazing clarity. It is a great piece of software.”
— Michael, Forum User at

“Just installed the iTunes plug-in and it rocks.”
— the-z06, member – user forum

— jazzyj02ucf, addicted member of FatWallet

“I am a new user of the plug-in for iTune[s] and love it. As a matter of fact all my family thinks it is an amazing add on…”
— Wes, member – user forum

“Cheers on the product and I’ll be watching you guys from here on out.”
— jrrobot, member – user forum

“I am very impressed with your product. I have tried two similar products and find this one to be far superior.”
— Kevin Gamache, DPS Plug In Customer

“I have just tested this new software out for iTunes and was amazed how wonderful it made my sound sound.”
— Michael, Forum User at