DPS System Wide Plug-in for PC and Mac

The engineers at Bongiovi Acoustics come from the film and music industries.  They know the painstaking efforts required to deliver studio-quality sound. The problem is, by the time the audio gets to you it is often compromised by todays compressed audio formats, delivery methods and your playback system. Let’s face it, your computer speakers or ear-buds aren’t exactly a studio mixing room or movie theatre.

Until now, in the quest for better sound you have had only one option; Buy more hardware–and you can spend big $$ buying new headphones and accessory speakers.

Now, with a simple download of the DPS Plug-In, you can attack the audio signal at the source and remix it on the fly for optimized playback on your existing hardware. It’s like having your own personal recording engineer living inside your computer. Optimize your high-end accessories.

DPS is a revolutionary technology that enables our engineers to create living, breathing, custom profiles to fit your listening experience. DPS is an active processor that scans the audio signal in real time and using our custom profiles, optimizes it for playback on your components.

New profiles are constantly being created to suit new computer hardware and other unique audio devices as they are brought to market. All profiles can be downloaded in an instant.

The DPS Plug-In optimizes your audio by:

  • Enabling users to customize their tuning profile settings

  • Improving the audio quality of any media played through iTunes, Netflix, Pandora, YouTube and other streaming services

  • Improving the audio quality of compressed audio formats

  • Improving the audio clarity of movies and TV shows

  • Compensating for differences in volume between songs

  • Improving the audio clarity of Voice over IP (VoIP) systems like Skype