Bongiovi DPS iOS App

The Bongiovi DPS iOS app brings the award winning Digital Power Station’s Patented Real-Time Audio Re-Mastering to your iOS device.

Bongiovi DPS improves the clarity of your mobile library* across all frequencies and provides cleaner, deeper bass response. You will hear detail that you never heard before. DPS analyzes the audio signal in real-time and optimizes it for playback through any device connected to your headphone, Line-out jacks, or Bluetooth connected speakers. It also compensates for differences in volume between songs and enhances dialogue and sound effects for personal videos and podcasts.

Clarity in noisy environments…

Have you noticed that you have to turn your earbuds up much higher on an airplane or train in order to hear the details of your favorite music? DPS technology automatically brings sonic detail forward while creating a signal that makes your headphones operate more efficiently. This allows you to keep the volume down on your iOS device to provide a more comfortable listening experience. Even the built-in speaker of your device sounds better.  It can also protect your hearing.  One of the features of the iOS App is DPS HEAR.  DPS HEAR ensures that there is no sustained sounds greater than 85dB, the level where hearing loss occurs.  Click on DPS HEAR for more information and HEAR for a medical paper about HEAR.


Instead of a bunch of confusing audio controls, the DPS technology uses a system of profiles.  Each profile contains the settings for over 120 calibration points that the DPS technology uses to re-master the audio signal for your device in real-time. Each profile is created by Bongiovi Acoustics audio engineers who have many years of experience in the music and movie industries.  For many headphones, earbuds, and speakers, Bongiovi Acoustics audio engineers have developed specific profiles for that device.  These profiles are designed to optimize the performance of that specific device.  What if your device does not have a profile?

Take a tour of our Cities!

Each profile will work on a wide range of devices. We have given our most popular profiles the names of Cities so you can take a DPS road trip. Try them all by clicking the iOS Profiles link to the right of this page. Your ears will know which city profile is home for you.