Gaming Systems
Experience recording studio quality sound with DPS technology

Gaming systems are evolving as quickly as the advanced electronics that power them.   Games contain symphonic scores, riveting sound effects and intricate environmental noises. However, hardware deficiencies often can not deliver the impact intended.

From footsteps to explosions, DPS delivers a new dimension in game audio

Game audio has a similar dynamic range as movie audio.  This adds to the emotional impact of the experience.  Unlike a movie, where the sound in a scene can last for time,  game audio effects respond to in-game actions dynamically.

DPS technology fully reproduces the powerful, immersive audio intended by game designers:

  • Dynamic Range Control adjusts volume to compensate for loud cinematic effects that make dialogue and ambient noise too quiet.
  • Speaker Protection helps speakers conform to hardware reliability specifications.
  • Stereo Field Widening creates a full-bodied stereo sound in, and also compensates for sub-optimal television placement or smaller room sizes.
  • Sound Stage Enhancement elevates and extends the perceived sound to create a broad stereophonic scene.
  • Vocal Clarity reduces echoes, background noises, and reverberations that cause voice signals to be unintelligible.
  • Bass Definition produces deep, well-defined bass response that doesn’t cloud other frequency ranges.
  • Ultra High Frequency (Air) manages the higher audible frequencies to create a more open, spacious (or “airier”) sound stage.
  • Automatic Volume/Loudness Control manages the volume so all details of a movie will be crystal clear and easy to hear at any volume level in any acoustic environment.
  • Compressed Audio Restoration adjusts audio frequency levels to compensate for diminished frequency response that results from the compression of the MP3, the most widely used music format.

For more information about how to integrate DPS into your gaming system or products, please contact us.