Consumer Electronics

Bongiovi Acoustics Digital Power Station™ (DPS) brings pro-level audio to consumer electronics

Consumer Electronics product development has risen to a whole new level in recent years. Television screen resolution has evolved from flat screen 760p HD all the way to an astounding 4K HD. Computers now possess incredible processing power, massive storage capacity and UHD (Ultra High Definition) displays. Video game consoles deliver state of the art realism via computer-generated images, orchestral scores and sound design. Headphones are the latest craze available in all shapes, colors and configurations from over-ear, ear buds, noise cancelling or WiFi.

However, they all share one thing in common……due to size and budget constraints, audio reproduction is inferior. In order to provide Pro Level audio, manufacturers have to invest in more expensive hardware. As well, expecting a premium audio experience, the consumer must purchase external systems to enhance their products. This affects everyone’s bottom line.

Consumer product manufacturers struggle to achieve high quality audio at an affordable price

The solution: Bongiovi Acoustics Digital Power Station™ (DPS) technology.

Bongiovi DPS can take any standard consumer focused audio product and optimize the performance of its existing components. DPS’ profiles are customized for the product’s specific hardware. The DPS algorithm replaces missing harmonics, while adding depth, clarity, definition, dimension and power…all in real time.