Automotive Technologies

A car is an acoustically hostile environment

Acoustic anomalies such as Road noise, Engine sounds, Hardtop/convertible, Speaker placement, Auto glass, Occupants, Seats, and Cabin size severely inhibit a vehicles audio performance.

Bongiovi Acoustics engineers analyze these anomalies utilizing patented Digital Power Station™ technology and create custom profiles to optimize playback in any vehicle’s acoustic environment.

DPS extends the frequency response of the on-board speaker system and maximizes the frequency-specific power distribution of the head-unit’s amplifier.

DPS brings studio quality sound to automotive audio

Until DPS, providing premium-quality sound to the customer meant the auto industry had to invest in additional hardware. More hardware means increased weight and less cabin space in the vehicle. Bongiovi DPS is the comprehensive solution for manufacturers to provide pro-quality automotive audio.

For more information about how to integrate DPS into car audio systems, please contact us.