Bongiovi Acoustics is pleased to announce the formation of a strategic Partnership between GGEC, National Engineering Laboratory for Audio Technology and SkySound in China.

SkySound will take over the direct project management and marketing responsibilities for all activity in China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau. SkySound has an extensive local resource base from which to better support and service our customers.

Together we are developing a number of new applications and most recently have launched our Android SDK, and CSR Blue Tooth solution. The release of these platforms along with the ON Semiconductor DSP, designed specifically for Bongiovi DPS applications and Analog Devices DSP will allow for expanded customer applications.

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If you are a company in China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, or Macau interested in getting the best possible sound from your audio products, see the Technical Approval Process below….

Technical Approval Process

1. Initial contact with a SkySound representative – in this phase a knowledgeable SkySound representative will be able to do an initial assessment of your audio needs and can best direct you through the evaluation and technology adaptation process.

2. Execute a SkySound NDA – this step will allow for open discussions regarding your products, our technology, the business model and other sensitive information to best serve your needs.

3. Technical review of your product offerings – in this phase a SkySound technician will work with your company’s marketing and engineering teams to determine how to get the best possible audio results. This step might include proof of concept tuning and presentation using your audio systems, discussion of the various implementation platforms, engineering and design considerations, product marketing and branding options and/or other business and technical issues specifically for your products.

4. Proposal and pricing – once your SkySound representative has evaluated your needs, a detailed proposal and pricing will be submitted. This proposal is based on annual product quantity projections, implementation platform, BOM considerations and product category.

5. Contract & licensing – upon acceptance of the proposal, your company will enter into a contract and licensing agreement with SkySound. The contract will provide all of the details about the relationship between SkySound and your company. This agreement will also provide branding rights to the various Bongiovi DPS trademarks.

6. Technical implementation and support – SkySound and Bongiovi Acoustics will provide your company with technical, marketing and promotion support as outlined in your agreement. Your SkySound representative will continue with program support during and after your DPS product implementation.


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