Turn any car into a customized, personal listening room with recording studio quality audio – thanks to groundbreaking Bongiovi Acoustics Digital Power Station (DPS) technology.

Toyota Canada and Bongiovi Acoustics have joined forces to bring customers a revolutionary breakthrough in vehicle audio with its DPS software. Toyota Canada is the first automobile manufacturer to implement DPS, continuing its long-standing tradition of providing cutting-edge, new technologies to its customers.

Bongiovi DPS provides premium-quality sound without the need to upgrade audio components, increase weight or change cabin configuration. DPS audio processing technology re-assembles program material in real time to optimize playback using existing auto hardware, with immediately noticeable improvement.

Sound Science for your Toyota vehicle.

For Toyota Canada, Bongiovi Acoustics engineers optimized the listening experience for each vehicle model by devising profiles that incorporate 120 algorithm calibration points. They also factored in numerous interior and exterior anomalies such as audio components, passenger compartment design and road noise.

The result is a transformative and personalized listening experience for Toyota Canada customers. Bongiovi DPS is the ultimate automotive solution for manufacturers who want to make their standard audio hardware perform like state-of-the-art components. Depth, clarity and power that only DPS can deliver.


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